Statement on Generative AI and Academic Integrity (May 2023)

The University of Notre Dame seeks to deliver an unsurpassed undergraduate education to all of its students. This education consists not only of the accumulation of knowledge, but more importantly, of the development of wisdom and understanding, of an appreciation for “the pursuit of truth for its own sake.” As we seek to live out that mission, we want to embrace every available tool that will aid in this educational journey. Today’s new technology provides new opportunities but also exposes us to risks that threaten to undermine this growth and development.

When students use generative AI (such as ChatGPT) to replace the rigorous demands of and personal engagement with their coursework, it runs counter to the educational mission of the University and undermines the heart of education itself. Artificial intelligence, large language models, and technologies hold promise for deploying knowledge in service to others and accelerating the discovery of new knowledge. However, such technology poses new challenges to pedagogy and to integrity. Within the context of the teaching mission of the University, and consistent with the Academic Code of Honor, the authority to define the appropriate use, study, and deployment of these technologies rests with the faculty.

To promote and assess student learning in an introductory writing course, for example, an instructor may choose to prohibit or strictly manage the use of these technologies. Alternatively, in other types of courses, an instructor might encourage the use of these technologies as part of a creative process. In all cases, the instructor's responsibility is to communicate to students the expectations for their course. It is the responsibility of students to conduct themselves accordingly, and never to represent work they did not produce as their own, including work generated or materially modified by AI technology.

In cases where students use generative AI in a way that violates an instructor’s articulated policy, or where a student uses generative AI in a way not expressly permitted by the faculty member, the procedures and remedies outlined in the Procedural Appendix to the Honor Code, as administered by the Office of Academic Standards, will be used to resolve the matter.