Educational Outcome Report

An Educational Outcome Report may be used for cases that, in the instructor’s judgment, may approach the level of a violation of the Honor Code, but that do not involve any apparent dishonesty and instead reflect a student’s misunderstanding of the conventional or appropriate usage of source materials.

An Educational Outcome is not a penalty, and the conduct underlying it is not formally found to violate the Honor Code. But Educational Outcomes still involve an act on the part of the student that merits immediate attention and, in these instances, there must be additional instruction from a faculty member to the student.

This process should be negotiated at the local level between the faculty member and student or by the Hearing Panel deciding the case, and then documented in the Outcome Form. This form is then shared with the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs.

Educational Outcome Form (61 kb PDF)

Educational Outcome Form (14 kb .doc)