Honor Code Violation Report

If a student admits to having violated the Academic Code of Honor, and if that student and the instructor can agree on an appropriate punishment, the instructor should:

  1. Download an Honor Code Violation Report.pdf, Honor Code Violation Report.rtf.
  2. Enter the appropriate information into the Report by typing directly into the Report or by writing on a hard copy of the form.
  3. Print and sign three copies of the completed Report.
  4. Ask the student to sign all three copies of the Report.
  5. Promptly send one signed copy to 'Associate Provost - Honor Code', 300 Main Building. Give one signed copy to the student. The instructor keeps the third signed copy.
  6. Wait seven calendar days before imposing the penalty described in the Report. If within seven days, the Associate Provost notifies the instructor and the student that the Provost Office has decided to nullify the report because of fundamental unfairness, then the instructor is not permitted to execute the punishment described in the report.
  7. The Associate Provost may extend the deadline for nullifying a Report by an additional 7 (seven) days by issuing a written notice of the extension to the instructor and student before the initial 7-day deadline expires. In all cases where the Associate Provost nullifies a Report, the Associate Provost shall require the case to be referred to the relevant Honesty Committee chair for further action.
  8. A student, having signed an Honor Code Violation Report, has seven calendar days from the date of the student’s execution of the Report to revoke the agreement delineated in the Report. To revoke the agreement, the student must in writing so inform the Associate Provost, who will notify the faculty member of the revocation and direct the faculty member to report the suspected offense to the chair of the relevant Honesty Committee.

An instructor may not penalize a student for suspected dishonest behavior unless the student either has agreed to that penalty in a signed Honor Code Violation Report or has been assigned such a penalty as a result of an Honesty Committee hearing.