Online Orientation

In the summer of 2006, the University of Notre Dame initiated a program under which all new undergraduates had to pass an online honor code orientation prior to finalizing their class registration. Students were presented with eight fictional cases and asked to choose among four responses indicating whether a violation of our honor code had occurred and why (or why not). Only one of the four responses was correct. To pass the orientation, students needed to get at least six of the eight correct responses.

The impetus for this program came from our recognition that too many of our undergraduate students were arriving on campus having given little or no thought either to the standards of honesty they should be upholding or to the way those standards are manifested in our honor code. A pamphlet, the Student Guide to the Academic Code of Honor (6.7 mb PDF), which presents the information students most need to know concerning our honor code, is now made available to all students via this website. Students are instructed to attempt this orientation only after they have read the Student Guide. This orientation was designed so that students who had not looked at the Student Guide were unlikely to succeed. Hence, our hope is that the online orientation will ensure that our new students have both thought about issues related to academic integrity and familiarized themselves with the most significant particulars of our honor code.